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1. Excellent facilities

We have one group of outstanding professional and technical personnel, with one batch of high-precision production facilities, can be developed in accordance with the needs of customers special tool.

2. Effective administrative mechanism

Through the continuous development for 6 years, we have developed comprehensive organizational regulations and implemented an effective administrative mechanism.

3. Top-ranking team

The primary value we can provide to our partners and customers is our professional, multicultural team and objective commitment to customers'satisfaction.

4. Attention to detail

We understand that "no details, no success" and "quality is key to life", so we were very strict with ourselves in each production process with the rigor standards.

ZheJiang XILIQI technology Co., Ltd. in R& D, Manufacture and Sales of Stain- less steel pipe fittings,It is located at the Shuige Industrial Zone, Lishui.

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